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An anatomical human heart remains our logo since the creation of the FROLOV brand. It reflects what we consider to be one of the greatest values – a life of a person full of love.

FROLOV HEART is a limited collection of black and white sweatshirts and t-shirts embroidered with threads or beads. Each heart is hand-embroidered, which makes it unique. That is why all pieces have personal numbers.

They will also be displayed next to the unique heart of the owner on the virtual wall on the project’s website. The owner of the sweatshirt and t-shirt can choose one of the existing options of heart embroidery, or trust the creativity and inspiration of the master. They can also leave their text message for children on the website next to their own number.

Memo 1. June 1st - August 31st

Children always need our greatest support and care. They are also the most vulnerable to the horrors of the war. According to official statements, more than 700 Ukrainian kids have already been injured by the terrorist actions of the russian occupiers.

... () But, unfortunately, the real situation is much worse. Hundreds of thousands of children were illegally taken to the occupied territories, a lot were seriously injured and so many have lost their loved ones. As a result of the war, every kid in Ukraine, without exception, received a dreadful lifetime trauma. Therefore, the funds of our first charity project will be directed to them.

We believe that the war will soon end with our victory. And it is crucial primarily for the new generation and their future. They must live in peace and learn how to be happy.

We visualized our message to the world on International Children's Day in our own plasticine cartoon. It was created by Anna Mieshkova, an animator who teaches children animation, as well as painting and drawing.

All proceeds from the sale of sweatshirts and t-shirts were donated to the “Masha Foundation” by Masha Efrosinina to help children affected by the war. The brand managed to raise more than one million UAH.

Memo 2. September 1st - November 30

Project NEST by Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation brings Ukrainians back home and helps restore their family nests by installing new modular houses for them. The house is not built in a separate settlement on the outskirts, it’s installed on the family's private plot of land next to or instead of the destroyed housing. This is how we keep families within their communities.

The goal is to raise funds for installing as many modular houses as possible for families of the Makariv community in the Kyiv region.

The FROLOV brand founder and creative director Ivan Frolov said they have found the new goal: ”Winter is coming and people who lost their homes under shelling of the russian army really need our help.

... () The nest project from the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation not only supports people whose homes were destroyed but also helps families return to their homeland and rebuild their nests. We feel that FROLOV heart can make a valuable contribution to it. The Ukrainians dream of returning home to their favorite place on earth, and we want to help them”.

Starting from September 2022 we transfer all profits from the sales of sweatshirts and t-shirts for building modular houses within the NEST project by the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation. Also, thanks to the project, we will be able to support the Ukrainian economy by providing jobs to craftsmen.